Rose Water Organic - La Vie en Rose (Food Grade)

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Rose Water - Organic - Food Grade

La Vie en Rose

With organic rose flavor - in every sip of coffee, tea, water or juice. Easy dosing for every day consumption. Balances the overall condition and smoothly relaxes the senses. For absolute DESTRESS, which results in improvement of the skin condition. Promotes better sleep and wellbeing.

Beauty from within - dietary supplements with cosmetic concept

Specially developed with the innovative technology for extraction of active substances from flowers of Rosa Damascena by using supercritical CO2 and based on the concept of inner beauty, Ecomaat proudly presents the organic certified food supplement La Vie en Rose.


The La Vie en Rose drops and capsules are nutritional supplements containing a wealth of substances extracted from the blossoms of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose (Rosa Damascena). They support the normal functioning of the skin, hair and nails.  It has been known for centuries that the products made out of the Bulgarian rose clear up the facial tanning.


The La Vie en Rose drops & capsules contain СО2 extracts of oleaginous and wild rose, as well as Rose essential oil (known also as Rose otto). Numerous medical studies demonstrate their beneficial impact on the condition of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder and liver, excretory system, as well as the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, the La Vie en Rose products help restore the normal skin functions and give it radiant and youthful looks. They aid the skin in recuperating its structure and enhance its moisture level and elasticity. They protect the skin against the aggression of the single oxygen radicals resulting from the solar radiation, and facilitate the formation of an even tan.


La Vie en Rose is a unique combination with a scent and taste of Bulgarian rose. 

La Vie en Rose is a nutricosmecutical product. 

La Vie en Rose contains active ingredients from Bulgarian rose in the form of CO2 extract, which allows the maintenance of "live" qualities of useful substances. The proven ingredients included as liquid extracts ensure quick action without side effects


The substances in the Rose exhibit unique properties. In antiquity rose blossoms were utilized as a cooling, soothing, cardio-toning, anti-stringent and anti-inflammatory means.


The La Vie en Rose capsules are a new application form of the “rose perfume” – when taken internally, the fragrant particles are emitted through the skin.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review